Welcome to Delta Office Automation LLC

Delta Office Automation LLC is a name popularly associated with banking equipment in UAE.

Marking our footsteps in the market we have been consistent in providing after sales support and services and gaining our clients’ confidence in us. We have a big clientele of retail banks, exchanges and financial firms. Our focus is to make relationship with our client and be a family and be available in the time of need only on one call. Our key performance indicator is our excellent response time.

We at Delta Office Automation LLC are a group of highly motivated people working as a team in a healthy environment where there is potential for everyone to grow and learn.

Chairman– Muhammad Faisal Jabbar Chaudhry

Holding a PhD in Business Management with over 15 years of experience in the UAE market – Mr. Faisal is the founder of Delta Office Automation LLC – with his rigorous market approach and extensive years of experience, he is the driving force that is proving to be a path of success for Delta. “My aim is to be the best at what we do – we have to provide best services to our clients. A happy client is the best marketing.”

Managing Director- Ferha Arfan

Delta Office Automation LLC management team is committed to our company’s core values which are behind our success for all these years. We expect that same commitment from our employees and business partners. Integrity, honesty, competency, collaboration, creativity and respect – these values have defined us since the founding of the Company. Our commitment to these ideals must be unwavering. Our vision is to deliver a customer experience second to none.

Director Operations – Shaik Abdul Karim

Shaik Abdul Karim has been a key player in the UAE market with over 25 years of industry experience in different positions with multiple companies. All these years of experience solidifies to form the basic foundation of Delta Office Automation LLC. With his core principles set and a vision to succeed Shaik Abdul Karim plays a vital role in Delta in UAE market.

“For me it is all about being professional, your work should reflect your professional ethics. If done rightly – there’s no chance of missing a sales opportunity – all you need to do is to think before you speak and make a decision. My experience is what I have to share with my team and I welcome their ideas at all times. We are a team and we will be a successful one in achieving our targets gradually.”

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